Our member companies offer a wide variety of services within the cement and concrete industry of the state of Hawaii from ready-mixed concrete to manufactured precast concrete or masonry products as well as other concrete construction materials, tools, and equipment.
  • BASF Admixtures Inc. Hawaii (formerly Degussa/Master Builders)

  • BOMAT, Ltd., dba Bonded Materials Co.

  • Downstream, Inc.

  • Glover Honsador LLC (Kauai)

  • GPRM Prestress, LLC

  • Grace Pacific LLC

  • Haggith’s Structural Scan & Inspections, LLC (HSSI)

  • Hawaii Precast, Inc. (Big Island)

  • Hawaiian Cement

  • Hawaiian Cement, Maui Concrete & Aggregate Division (Maui)

  • Hawaiian Cement, Oahu Concrete & Aggregate Division

  • Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co., Inc.

  • Hayre McElroy & Associates, LLCHC&D, LLC

  • HC&D, LLC  (Maui)

  • HD Supply / White Cap Construction Supply (formerly, Wire Products of Hawaii)

  • Island Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.

  • Jas W. Glover, Ltd., Hilo & Kona

  • Jensen Precast

  • KSF Inc.

  • Miyake Concrete Accessories, Inc. (Maui)

  • OK Hardware & Construction Supply, Inc.

  • O. Thronas, Inc. Ready Mix Concrete (Kauai)

  • Penhall Co., dba Concrete Coring Company of Hawaii

  • Puna Rock Co., Ltd. (Big Island)

  • Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.

  • Tileco, Inc.

  • Walker Industries, Ltd. (Maui)

  • West Hawaii Concrete (Big Island)

  • Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

  • Yamada & Sons, Inc., dba Con-Agg of Hawaii (Big Island)

You are welcome to contact any of our members directly to find out more about the services that they offer in their area.

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