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Members of the cement and concrete industry often experience similar challenges.


The CCPI is committed to coordinating the understanding and management of these challenges for the betterment of the industry.

Handling common issues

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Some challenges related to the promotion of the industry are best approached by a unified group, rather than an individual self-interest.


CCPI offers this group support to help advance all of its members.


Group promotional support

Architects, engineers and other interested parties can contact CCPI for a wealth of technical information on the concrete and cement industry.


The CCPI was designed to promote and protect the welfare of the cement and concrete industry within the state of Hawaii as well as offer technical education and training.

Support the best interests of the cement and concrete industry

The promotion of products containing cement as a primary material iis a strong objective of the CCPI.

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Promoting cement, concrete, and masonry products in Hawaii

CCPI was established in 1965, dedicated to serving Hawaii's engineering and construction industry.

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